Winston-Salem State University

If you have a MicroFridge unit and need service, please call 800-525-7307.

MicroFridge pick-up is scheduled for Monday, May 13.

Before moving out of your room, please make sure:

1. The fridge and freezer are empty.

2. The unit is unplugged from the wall.

3. The fridge and freezer doors are propped open.

Fall 2024 Semester

You can now place your MicroFridge rental order for the Fall 2024 semester.

IMPORTANT - Students living in Atkins, Brown, Martin-Schexnider, and Wilson Halls are not allowed to have a microwave in their room UNLESS it is a MicroFridge combination unit from Standards For Living.

To make for a more sustainable campus as well as for health and safety reasons, Winston-Salem State University endorses Standards For Living because of our use of Energy Star rated appliances and 'green' business practices. Should students want a refrigerator and/or microwave oven in their room, Winston-Salem State University recommends that students rent a MicroFridge combination appliance.