Rental Program

2024 - 2025 School Year

We will have begun taking orders for MicroFridge rentals for the 2024 Fall semester at our of our partner-campuses.

Standards For Living Rental Program

Standards For Living is proud to work with multiple colleges and universities across the southeast.  Each school has a unique, personalized MicroFridge Rental Program that is based on their needs and those of their students.  SFL works exclusively in the academic market, specializing in providing collegiate solutions.

Less Headaches for All

Schools want to provide their students with options when it comes to making their residence halls feel like home.  Understandably they prefer students have safe, reliable and energy efficient appliances in their rooms. Some colleges and universities have tried to run their own mini-fridge rental programs, but have found that it is more work than they anticipated.  The cleaning, maintaining, tracking and moving of appliances at the beginning and end of each semester simply creates more work for staff at what is already the busiest times of the year.

So is there a better way? Absolutely! Our MicroFridge Rental Program is designed to handle the marketing, maintenance, managing and logistics so that schools do not have to deal with any of this.  Let's be honest, no school has completely mastered the arduous event that is MOVE-IN DAY… a day that consists of hundreds or thousands of excited students and just as many stressed out (potentially emotional) parents crammed into parking lots, hallways, stairs and elevators.  

Who would not want to make that day even a tiny bit smoother?  Standards For Living was created for this very purpose.

Time Tested
Since 2008 Standards For Living has worked with housing and residence life departments to successfully install, manage, and remove thousands of MicroFridge units from residence halls and student housing.  We literally do the heavy lifting so that school personnel, students, or parents do not.

Greener Campus
Most underclassmen live on campus and will bring a mini-fridge and/or microwave purchased at a big-box-store.  These appliances may be affordable initially but cost a lot more in the long-run; they are cheaply made with inefficient designs and components.  When students move off campus they no longer require a mini-fridge or microwave and large percentage of these student-appliances end up getting thrown away.  That is a lot of unnecessary garbage that is ending up in landfills every year.

MicroFridge brand appliances are better built, use less electricity, last longer and are able to be used on college campuses year after year. This keeps needless waste to a minimum.  Each refrigerator and/or microwave that can be replaced with one of our MicroFridge units saves the school money and energy.

  • NO mini-fridge or microwave taking up car space
  • NO transporting a mini-fridge across campus
  • NO carrying a mini-fridge up/down stairs
  • NO storing a mini-fridge over the summer break
  • It is waiting in your room for you when you move in
  • You leave it in your room when you move out
  • MicroFridge's exclusive safey and effeciency features
  • Rental programs lengthen the life-span of appliances and keep relatively new yet discarded mini-fridges out of dumps and landfills